Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionize the way payroll is processed and provide unmatched payroll processing options to all business owners throughout Guyana.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure we offer accurate, future driven payroll solutions and options tailored to companies and business owner’s needs, that enables them to transform as needed to meet the changing demands of growing businesses today.

About Us

Guyana Payroll Solutions Inc. is a combination of 2 solutions providers; Phoenix Software Developers and Solutions Pro (Business Support Outsourcing).

Phoenix Software Developers has for the past 20 years developed a suite of Computerized Payroll Software to meet generic and industry specific needs. Their ideal state with this is to ensure that the end users experience a high level of functionality and simplicity. Phoenix Developers has also demonstrated their capability to amalgamate IT infrastructure and to host and support such framework for their public and private sector clientele throughout Guyana.

Solutions Pro was launched on January 22, 2016 and is the “Trusted Providers” for Business Support Services, which can be outsourced, with a future driven perspective. The experience of the partnership exceeds 30 years in both the private & public sectors in the fields of Management, General Accounting & all things Financial. They are also comprehensively certified for QuickBooks as Pro Advisors and have also demonstrated comprehensive and expert knowledge with SAGE (Peachtree). To date, they are serving in excess of 50 Small and Medium Enterprises and corporations.

Together, the alignment of their vision to provide business owners and the business community with “Trusted Relief” in the areas of their specialty is both timely and intentional. They foresee that the advent of these and other initiatives in the pipeline will enable transformation, efficiency and relief from tedious processes via automation.

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