Welcome to Guyana Payroll Solutions Inc.​
Payroll Solutions
Welcome to Guyana Payroll Solutions Inc.​
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Welcome to Guyana Payroll Solutions Inc.​
In-Country Partner
Welcome to Guyana Payroll Solutions Inc.​
Administrative Solutions

We aim to offer not just processing but complementary additions that transform into the solution you need.                 

You can choose to engage us one on one to have all your questions answered regarding running a compliant operation.

No entity in Guyana? No problem. We can make your entry seamless with our In-Country Partner Solutions.

We will take the hustle, bustle and headaches of getting back-end tasks resolved for you.

Why Choose Us?

Flexible Payroll Services


Future Driven


Payroll Services Designed To Meet Your Needs

Our Guarantee

Guarantee of Error Free Payroll Preparation, Accurate & On-time Tax Payments, Compliance Assurance, Flexibility, Privacy & Security


No, we can process from 1 employee to unlimited.

We use a partner developed payroll software that is the most revered. Thus, our method of processing is fully automated.

We can handle any cycle of payroll. Monthly, weekly, fortnightly or bi-monthly.

By law, all employers are required to register with the National Insurance Scheme and an employer’s number will be assigned. The monthly statutory contribution for an employee is 5.6% and the employer’s contribution is 8.4% of the employee’s gross salary. A contribution ceiling applies.


Rates are dependent on actual services required. Some cases, clients may require an “a-la-carte” or a bespoke solution. In such cases the rates will vary.

Yes, we can make the needed arrangements to pay your employees on your behalf seamlessly.

Other questions?

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