Payroll Processing Solutions


Payroll Solutions

We aim to offer not just payroll processing but complementary additions that transform into the solution you need. Since every company operate differently, flexibility is built-in with every solution. That in mind, we ensure you are well prepared to operate compliantly and free from business process headaches.

As such, We set out to offer a solution over a service thereby being your value adding addition. Be it short or long term, extended contract, fixed, Agency, Special Projects, local or expats; we got you.

Some of our Payroll Services & Solutions includes:

  • Onboarding & Employee Compliance Registration
  • Payroll Calculations (Salaried & Time) Local & Expats
  • Government Remittances (Employees & Employer)
  • Employee Salary Administration
  • Electronic Pay slips/Stubs
  • Benefits Calculations & Administration
  • Reporting Administration
  • Year-end Returns (Employees & Employer) for Authorities
  • Consultation & Intelligence
  • Representation

Payroll Consultation

You can choose to engage us one on one to have all your questions answered regarding running a compliant operation. From setting up to project closure and everything in between. Consultation services are available for both individuals or companies.

Transitioning is a sensitive matter, with exciting prospects. Therefore, consultation underpins key decisions to be made. As such, everything you need to know as it relates to setting up, staffing, payroll, taxes and compliant operations, we’ve got the expertise. Whilst we cater for one on one or otherwise, rest assured your details and intentions are treated with the strictest of confidence.

In-Country Partner

No entity in Guyana? No problem. We can make your entry seamless with our In-Country Partner Solutions. During your operations, we can be there for you too.
These are just a few of our In-Country Partner Solutions:

  • Employer of Records Services
  • Permits
  • Staff Enrollment
  • Secondment & Shadow Payroll
  • Payroll Simulations & Illustrations (Gross to Net/Net to Gross Calculations)

Administrative Solutions

We will take the hustle, bustle and headaches of getting back-end tasks resolved for you. Be it Immigration & Mobilization Support, GRA or NIS matters or other Business Support, we possess the expertise. For more comprehensive knowledge, see our parent company The Solutions Pro Group Inc.

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